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Rouxbe- Professional Cook Certification

I think, live, eat and breath food and I’ve always wanted to study a professional cooking course. When I finished secondary education, I applied for a course in Ireland multiple times, got accepted and declined mainly because I was too concerned about it wasn’t good enough for me and I was destined to do better. BIG MISTAKE. A mistake which I’ve regretted since then.

I work in the travel industry and like many other companies, mine was majorly impacted by Covid-19 and was forced to reduce the number of working days to 3 to maintain its viability during the pandemic. I didn’t relish the thought of being idle for the other days, with too much time on my hands to think so I did a bit of research and found the Rouxbe Professional Cook Course. It’s the perfect fit for me as I felt I was a competent enough cook and maybe didn’t need too much hand holding as a freshie might need.

I’m finally fulfilling a dream that I’ve always had and loving it. Every cloud certainly does have a silver lining. I will keep you posted on my progress as I go and will share little tips that I've learned along the way, here on the blog.

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