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Where it all started

I think, live, eat and breathe food. Obsessive….well maybe just a little 😊 My family was an atypical Irish family on the food front. My mum was a chef and trained with Corden Bleu. Some of my earliest food memories are of her giving cookery demonstrations. Needless to say, we were exposed to all different types of cuisines from an early age and as such I don’t do bland meat and 2 veg.

I genuinely don’t get people who treat food as fuel. For me it’s all an experience. It’s about sitting down with friends and family to enjoy something delicious, shooting the breeze. I love gatherings where everyone brings a plate of something, particularly if it’s a multi-national group. You get to experience new tastes and flavours.

Another food blog, I hear you say. Yes, let’s face it, it is. I follow heaps of food bloggers (obsessive remember) and a lot of what’s out there is health related or dealing with specific diets. I wanted to bring it back to the essence of food, something to be enjoyed without restriction and a little bit of indulgence. I’ll be pairing each recipe with a little bevvie, some alcoholic, others not.

Hope you enjoy the blog and would love you would interact with the site, rate the recipes, share your own and let’s start up a little community.

Colorful Food
Homemade Hummus
Quinoa Salad
Homemade Bread
Poached Egg Sandwich
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