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Hurry Curry

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

This is a bit of a cheat recipe when you are pushed for time. I reckon you could put it together in the same time you would wait for a take-away to be delivered. At least this way, you know what's in it.

It's probably more on the korma side because is has almond meal in it. I like to use a tikka paste in as I like that spice combo, so I'm not sure if that's authentic. Great with a side of coconut rice and cheese flatbread.

Serves 4


3 tbsp. tikka paste

1 can coconut milk

1 stock cube

5 chicken thighs diced

2 cloves garlic, minced

200ml passata

2 tbsp. coconut oil

1 red onion, diced

100g almond meal


  1. Heat a frying pan on a medium heat and add the coconut oil. Add the onion and fry until soft and translucent, approximate 10 minutes.

  2. Add the garlic and fry for a minute. Add the curry paste and fry until the lovely aromas start to waft up your nose.

  3. Add the chicken and fry for a couple of minutes. Then add the passata. Cook the passata for a couple of minutes until reduced a bit.

  4. Pour in the coconut milk. Sprinkle in the stock cube.

  5. Stir in the almond meal and allow the curry to simmer for 15-20 minutes until it has reduced.

Dig in !

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